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August 11, 1949
     • Born at SaintQuay Portrieux, France.
1967 - 1972
     • Studies at Beaux Arts, Paris.
     • Explorative work with clay and fire art, for new a forms of artistic expression with enamels and oxides.
     • After the floods in northern Italy in 1966, assisting in the restoration of flood damaged frescoes, books, and manuscripts.
     • Extensive studies of the ancient techniques of frescoes, in Italy.
     • Setting up a ceramics workshop in Reims which becomes part of a district cultural project.
     • Creates a ceramics and painting studio in the village of Fismes – Marne. Many artists join to work there.
     • Creates his first three dimensional – relief – canvasses.
     • Works on the illustrations of tales written by Jeannette Besançon-Flot : 'Five books of Tales'.
     • Takes up residence in Paris, rue Bonaparte.
     • Creates illustrations for magazines: ELLE, and Cosmopolitan.
     • Settles in Normandy and starts working on 'Art de la poste'.
     • Paintings on clothes, cars, and creation of ceramic walls for primary schools.
     • Moves to his new studio at La Mare Seule, Normandy.
     • Develops objects for 'Art de la table' including engraved glass.
     • installs a summer studio in New-York, where he works each summer since.
     • Reconnects with his earlier ceramic work and creates new ceramic art.
     • Starts a series of, 'Serie des célébrités ( grandes toiles en relief )' with paintings in relief of : David Bowie, Nancy Cunnard, Facteur Cheval, Colette, Yves Simon, Klaus Nomi, etc.
     • Creates paintings 'A la manière de…(mixed media canvasses)' with paintings paying homage to :Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Metzinger, Fernand Léger.
     • Creates works 'En collages' on different materials, applying paint to pieces of furniture (chairs, armchairs, canapés, tables), and varied objects( boxes, lamp, bottles, radios, TV sets, computers, telephones).
     • Creates 'Grands formats au tampon' prints of linocuts and various print media.
     • Starts a new series of large canvasses in his studio in New-York, and Greenwich, CT.
     • Works on large canvasses in acrylic for the series 'Les petits déjeuners'.
     • Works on new 'tampons' – linocuts on Chinese paper for 'La série des verres'.
     • Works on the portfolio of etchings: 'Les chemins de Cajarc'.
     • Starts works on a new series on Thai paper: 'Carnets de Thailande'.
     • 'Petits formats sur papiers chinois' start of a series of small ink drawings.
1997 - 2005
     • Drawings and small acrylics themed, 'Les tasses à café'.
     • Series of large acrylique paintings, 'Les poires'.
     • 'Carnet de voyage japonais' small paitings and drawings.
     • Move to a new studio in La Sogne, Normandy, not far from his old studio in La Mare Seule.
     • Resumes work on the 1993 series of 'Les petits déjeuners' using a new work process inspired by the Japanese techniques of Insatsu (printing).
     • The first Insatsu based on the 'Les petits dejeuners' theme: 'La petite cuillère noire', 'L'œuf à la coque' and a diptyque, 'Les chemins gris'.
     • Works on canvasses in acrylic based on previous works on paper.
     • New Insatsu: 'Arbres #1,; Arbres #2, Main rouge et Main jaune, Poire rouge,' and Insatsu of Celebrities: 'Andy Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Marilyn'.
     • Resumes work on the 1995 series, 'Les chemins de Cajarc' in acrylic on Canvas.
     • Additional Insatsu of celebrities, 'Marilyn, Gauguin'.
     • New drawings in ink on Chinese paper, 'Les tulippes' and new canvasses in acrylic, 'Les fruits'.
     • New diptych and big format paintings of 'Les chemins de Cajarc' using canvasses with a 7cm wide overlap giving the paintings a sculptural dimension.
     • Paintings in acrylic on paper of 'Landscapes, Tulippes' (100 cm by 70cm).
     • Paintings on canvas: 'Paysages d'automne'.
2013 - 2014
     • New large canvasses:'Nature morte à la fenêtre'.
     • Still live paintings: 'Les bouteilles et les pommes', 'Les bouteilles et les poires', 'Les tasses à café' and 'Sur les fruits'.